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Frequently asked questions

How are the different stages of growth of children divided into chairs?2020-07-07T10:48:03+02:00
What type of guarantee do both products have (5.0 and 4.0)?2019-10-04T01:32:41+02:00

You have a lifetime warranty on all items, except for fabrics and materials susceptible to wear.

What happens to my chair if we have an accident?2019-10-04T01:34:32+02:00

Contact us and we will help you manage with your insurer the replacement of your chair with a new one.

If I do not have a nearby point of sale, can I buy the product online?2019-10-04T01:35:23+02:00

Yes, in this case access the contact section and we will contact you.

What is the main difference between the 4.0 and 5.0 model?2019-10-04T01:36:49+02:00

The main difference is that 5.0 is from 0 to 12 years old, and 4.0 is from 4 to 12 years old. You have more information at:

A multigroup system, covering all ages Baby, Is equally sure that they are not?2019-10-04T01:38:28+02:00

At a time when we put radios, TV, browser, computer, flashlight, etc. within a mobile phone weighing 50gr, etc. The technological advance in the world of the safety of the passing child was not going to be left behind. The answer is clearly yes. Technology gives us many solutions, although we have to take into account that the chair alone is not the total protection in an accident, that is, there are more factors.

Is it necessary for our children to circulate backwards as long as possible?2020-09-22T21:12:43+02:00

If you take into account that the counterdrive favors the absorption of energy in frontal impacts, your own deductions will answer your question. For us, adapting the position of the chair to the type of trip we are going to make and preferably using the central seat to take the child is the best option.

Analyze the accidents that occur in each country, it is the obligation of the administration.
2017 accident data in Spain (2018 not yet available, but similar):

Is an R-129 (I-Size – Isofix only) chair safer than an ECE 44/04 chair (Isofix optional or belt)?2020-07-15T15:10:47+02:00

Is your vehicle approved as I-Size? Otherwise, it will act as a chair with isofix RE44 / 4.

The tests that the R-129 requires, can also be done voluntarily by manufacturers who do not use this approval for their devices. We know that there are many. Among them we.

The safest car seat is the center seat. If your car has an isofix central seat you can place it, but you will have to put a chair that allows it. In Spain, the average age of the mobile park is 13 years. Evaluate your cars.

How to choose the most compatible chair with my car?2019-10-04T01:41:37+02:00

For us the most important thing is the postural hygiene of the passenger in the vehicle. Test the SRI at its maximum stretch position and check that the recline will provide the baby with the sniffing position. (With the head back).


Children in the first year of their life multiply their size and weight by three or four. A correct placement in the SRI will provide a better psychomotor development of the child.